Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our office gets some color

Yesterday, my boyfriend sent me flowers at work because I was having a bad day (bad day = abilities reduced to only being able to play farmville while I cry like a toddler, emailing boss responses like "I don't care, do whatever you want"). This was a very thoughtful and unexpected gesture, since I have received flowers from him exactly once in our four-year relationship (and only then because I asked him why he never brought me flowers, so he felt obligated). These flowers would also not be possible without Kristen, who gave him our office address, so a big tip-o-the-hat to her as well. Anyhoodle, in addition to our drab walls and black-and-white printouts, we now have color!

Side note: the flowers also came with chocolates. They are now in my and Kristen's lower intestine (we share digestive tracks, and therefore will never survive a separation surgery), and so I will decline to show you a picture of those.

I invited Kristen to see Where the Wild Things Are tonight, but she declined because she has severe irritable bowel syndrome and told me that tonight is the night she stays home to shit her pants. I told her we would understand and forgive her if she pooped in the theater, but she said that she also likes to taste it a little so she'd rather do that in privacy.

If anyone is interested, Kristen is currently single and you can reach her at KL5-1122.

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