Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I warned her

Last night Leighann had her first visit to Congee village, that haven for cheap/underage drinking that just about everyone who knows me has been dragged to at least once since I first found it way, way back in high school. I warned her that while the food is tasty, she might want to avoid any meat items. so obviously bitch orders the pork.
Well, now Leighann is at home vomitting convulsively while I sit here trying to keep our boss from stealing Leighann's pens and leaving shit on her desk (two on going problems we have) while at the same time keeping her from noticing that I am actually doing my anatomy homework/chatting with Leighann via the interweb and not doing my job.
I do not have enough hands for this Leighann! Next time listen!

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